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Versatile Connections Made For Every Process

CPC connectors, designed for single-use systems, are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and reduced contamination risks. These connectors allow for easy and versatile integration of different tubing types and sizes, streamlining system setup and changeover times. This translates to faster time to market for new products and lower overall costs.

MicroCNX 660x452
MicroCNX™ Connectors

Our MicroCNX™ Connectors are high quality connectors, in a new small-format that is ideal for single-use use applications.

Colder Connectors
AseptiQuik Connectors

Our AseptiQuik Connectors are high quality connectors, featuring genderless design and reliable performance for your bioprocessing.

Effortless Fluid Handling, Guaranteed

CPC quick connectors and couplings streamline fluid delivery and extraction with a focus on efficiency and error prevention. Their optimized design ensures smooth operation within your equipment, while the closed, non-spill design minimizes leaks and mess. User-friendly ergonomics allow for comfortable, single-handed connections with an audible click for confirmation. Offered in various sizes, materials, and configurations, CPC connectors are rigorously tested for durability, making them a versatile and reliable solution for diverse fluid handling needs.

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Integrate Connectors and Assemblies
Into Your Bioprocess

Our sterile connectors join seamlessly with our HPConnexx™ Single-Use Assemblies, made uniquely for any and every step of your process. Offering brand agnostic designs, fast lead times, and no minimum order quantities, our assemblies are the best solution for any process.

White Paper : Understanding the True Cost of Aseptic Tube Welding in Biopharma

Read about why Colder Connectors have revolutionized modern bioprocesses by offering a sterile, user-friendly, single-use technology, that cuts the operational costs of Aseptic Tube Welding.

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