Cell & Gene Therapy

Technological advances in the cell & gene therapy (CGT) ecosystem are rapidly transforming the biotech & biopharmaceutical industries, changing the way treatments are delivered to patients. HPNE offers a wide variety of products catered to supporting your CGT applications.

Cell & Gene Therapy

OptiMaxx 30/30 Multi-use Tangential Flow Filtration System
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Tangential Flow Filtration System

Our OptiMaxx 30/30 TFF system ensures dynamic control separation with small footprint, featuring a feed flow rate of 0.001-0.5L/min.

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HPConnexx™ Single-Use Assemblies

HPConnexx™ is our completely custom single-use assembly solution that includes design and fabrication in our ISO 7 cleanrooms.

MicroMaxx Tangential Flow Filtration System
Lab-Scale Screening System

Automate your hollow fiber screening process for lab-scale biomanufacturing applications.

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Our Q-Drive-Alpha from Quantex, a PSG company, a fully integrated device for laboratory use, evaluation, and production.

FlowMaxx Pro 30 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

FlowMaxx Pro 30
Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Our FlowMaxx Pro 30 pump is an innovative HPNE controller featuring a flow range from 1 mL/min to 500 mL/min.

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