HPNE is proud to support Yale University’s Bulldogs Race Team. We had the pleasure of providing them with our Equflow Flow meter to use on their competitive race car.

In our “News” tab, read more from YBR’s teammate, on how they used our Equflow flow meter in their application.

To High Purity, New England,

On behalf of the Yale Bulldogs Racing team, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your sponsorship of the Equflow flow meter. Our team spent many days searching for the appropriate sensor to use on our car and this sensor turned out to work perfectly for our application.

Yale Bulldog and and Equflow  This year, the team focused heavily on developing a fully custom made data acquisition system. We setup the hybrid racecar with numerous sensors to monitor every possible element including suspension travel, steering angle, brake pressures, engine and motor parameters, and most of all, efficiency. The Equflow sensor you provided, proved to be a critical part in providing information that could be used to calculate vehicle and driver efficiency. Here is a photo of the flow sensor, placed directly between the fuel pump and the fuel injector on the throttle body of our modified 250cc KTM motorcycle engine. The sensor was able to give us readings of between 20 and 250 ml/min of fuel flow measured in real time. From this information, the team was able to monitor and adjust engine behavior, overall fuel amounts, and even determine the proper allocation of power from our engine and electric motor. These things could not have been done without this data. No other team in the entire Formula Hybrid race had data regarding real-time fuel consumption of their engine.

HPNE logo on appIn appreciation of your support, the High Purity New England, logo will forever be placed on the side of BR14 (the name of this year’s car). The company logo was also featured prominently on a custom made iPad application that displayed information about the car and live video to onlookers during the race. The images on the right show a screenshot of the frames of our app called “Bulldogs Racing Live”.

We thank you again for your support of our team and we hope Bulldogs Racing and High Purity New England can continue work together on future project.


Joseph Belter

Yale Bulldogs Racing