Smithfield, RIHigh Purity New England is now the sole distributor for RealBio Technology, not only in the US market but across the globe. RealBio’s unique bioreactor is single-use and arrives pre-sterilized, ready for immediate use in experimentation. This bioreactor replicates the natural composition, configuration and function of tissues in vitro. Therefore, the result is a valuable tool for studying the function of primary human or animal cells and tissues as well as testing the efficacy, safety and toxicity of new drugs and therapeutic interventions.

Additionally, RealBio joins High Purity New England’s ever-expanding offerings of high-quality products and services. High Purity New England has become the leader in manufacturing, importing, and exporting products tailored to the biopharmaceutical industries. These products are immediately available through High Purity New England for purchase. Contact our office today to learn more, receive a sample or demonstration, or to obtain a quote.