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High Purity New England

HPNE is a leading supplier of single-use solutions, including their flagship product, custom single-use assemblies. 

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Quattroflow Pumps

Quattroflow develops quaternary diaphragm pumps specifically designed for critical applications.

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em-tec Flow Technology

em-tec's sensors were designed for non-invasive measurement of liquid on a laboratory and industrial scale.

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BIA Separations

Monolithic chromatographic columns for the production, purification, and analysis of large biomolecules. 

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Krohne Sensors

KROHNE is the creator of the first electromagnetic flow sensor with a gamma and autoclave stable flow tube. 

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Univercells Technologies

Innovative biomanufacturing technologies to achieve viral production from R&D to commercial scales.

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AllpaQ Totes

ALLpaQ’s tote range ushers in a new era of fluid management, with stainless steel and polypropylene options available.

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Savillex Bottles

Purillex bottles are used downstream for bulk drug substance storage, and in emerging cell therapy applications.

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Rigenerand Bioreactors

cGMP products paired with 3D culture biomedical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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Malema Sensors

Malema designs and manufactures flow measurement and control instruments for life sciences applications.

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C-CIT Sensors

C-CIT Sensors offers the first process control system based on in-situ glucose & lactate sensors.

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Quantex Pumps

Quantex provides customized-catalogue pumps, bespoke-designed pumps, and entire pump system designs. 

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Swissinnov Piston Pumps

Pumping solutions delivering accurate dosing, pulseless flow rates, and mixing of ultra small volumes. 

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Colder Connectors

Colder couplings and fitting are ideal connectors for your plastic tubing applications.

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Verder Peristaltic Pumps

Verder liquids manufactures a peristaltic pump that is  ideal for low to medium flow at low to medium pressures. 

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MasterMover Electric Tugs

MasterMover manufactures electric tugs, created for moving heavy equipment such as tanks, drums, etc.

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PendoTECH Sensors

PendoTECH's line of sensors are ideal for measuring, monitoring, and data collection in bioprocessing.

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Equflow Sensors

Equflow is a manufacturer of single-use and multi-use flowmeters and all required components. 

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