Single-use systems, tubing and connectors

Single-use systems, tubing and connectors










All under the auspices of ISO 9001:2015, High Purity New England designs, validates, manufactures, integrity tests and distributes:

  • Single-use systems, tubing and connectors
  • Single-use components
  • Single-use assemblies
  • Single-use mixing systems
  • Incoming plastic FTIR analysis

When it comes to single use systems and assemblies, the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries know us as R&D, process development and full scale production management specialists.

HPNE connects best-in-class solutions with technical unit operation knowledge. When it comes to R&D, process development, and full scale production, we understand how:

  • Material compatibility enhances your processes
  • Flow paths need to be designed to handle transfers
  • Filtration works and what is needed to optimize your single-use assembly
  • To streamline upstream and downstream processes

The outcome? Custom single-use assemblies fully integrated into your facility with full traceability, that comply to industry standards.

Serving up bioprocess optimization

Single-use systems, tubing and connectors

Your process needs to produce a return. That’s why HPNE underpins its product provision with design, assembly, testing, validation, reporting, and support services.

  • Our knowledge of unit operations is unparalleled
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Single-use assemblies
  • First article fit up
  • Material testing
  • Local service, support & inventory Integrity testing
  • Sterility validation
  • Extractable profile

Single use assembly guide

Check out, download and share the HPNE guide to single-use assemblies…

Get connected with single use systems?

Optimize your bioprocess with a start-to-finish single use assembly service. HPNE are standing by right now to help with all your questions.

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