Stainless Steel Bioprocess Containers

Our AllpaQ Stainless Steel Bioprocess Containers are created specifically for use in a cleanroom environment for the safe and easy transportation of fluids.

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How it Works

For applications in a cleanroom environment, our AllpaQ Stainless Steel Containers are an innovative product, made for your precise specifications. With a wide variety of sizes available, we provide totes from 50 liters all the way up to 2000 liters. AllpaQ Stainless Steel Rigid Totes offer heavy-duty reliability, with excellent resistance to corrosion. All of our units can be custom made to fit your bag or specific application, and are available in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel. 

Our AllpaQ Stainless Steel Totes are available in both Genesis and Cleanroom designs, to fit seamlessly into your bioprocess. They also feature a unique design with angled surfaces to help maximize drainage. Additionally, level indicators on the outside allow the user to easily see the quantity of liquid inside the tote.

Features & Benefits

  • Made to fit your bioprocessing bag needs
  • Available in 304 and 316 Stainless Steel grades for Genesis and Cleanroom designs
  • Standard and custom sizes from 50L to 2000L
  • Unique design of angled surfaces to maximize drainage
  • Level indicators to help easily identify how much media is in your bioprocess container 
  • Ability to customize, adding logo and room labels

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The Bigger Idea

Our AllpaQ totes help streamline your bioprocess, for both upstream and downstream processing. This product line features both plastic and stainless steel models, with a wide variety of styles available for different applications. In addition, our bioprocessing containers are customizable, allowing you to add anything from a logo to a room label.

From sizes as small as 10 liters to larger containers for needs over 2000+ liters, our AllpaQ line was created to fit into any process. Our bioprocess containers also come in custom sizes for specific applications that require it. 

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