Quantex Single-Use Pumps

Quantex single-use pumps meet industry standards for accurate dispensing at low costs. The pumps, which can be part of the packaging, are disposed of at the end of the liquid pack. The technology delivers high precision and functionality. As such, Quantex single-use pumps are perfect for usage in a wide range of markets including medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, consumer and industrial.

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The single-use pumps are available off-the-shelf in a range of flowrates and configurations. Quantex supplies pumps suitable for 0.1ml/hour to 25ml/s using 4 basic designs. Resolution down to 1.3µl is achievable. The pumps are classified according to their rotor diameters (3mm, 6mm, 13mm and 19mm). Each rotor size supports a range of pump configurations.

Series 3 Pumps

With flowrates of 0 -150ml/hr the series 3 pump is ideal for precise micro-dosing with very low power consumption. The 3mm rotor carries 3 cavities, each with a volume of 1µl. This in-line pump has barbed inlet and outlet connectors for easy fitting to tubing. The connectors may be customised for specific applications e.g. male/female luers, slips for adhesives, airless fluid packs etc.  The fluid contacting materials are all medical grades of silicone, polypropylene and HDPE. Alternative materials can be used if necessary. A micro-evaluation kit is available to allow the pump to be evaluated in-house. This consists of a motor, controller, power supply, chassis to hold the pump to the motor and software.

Series 6 Pumps

The series 6 pump will solve your precision pumping needs for flowrates from 0 -2400ml/hr.  The 6mm rotor carries 3 cavities each with a volume of 22µl. This in-line pump features barbed connectors to attach tubing to the inlet and outlet. Alternatively, Quantex can provide a unique connector to suit the customer’s dispense system. It can be used in the medical, food, beverage, consumer and industrial markets. A micro evaluation kit consisting of a stepper motor, controller, easy to use software, chassis and drive shaft is available to allow in-house evaluation.

Series 13 Pumps

The series 13 disposable pumps produce a flow range of 0-10ml/s. The 13mm rotor can have either 2 or 3 cavities which dispense 0.3ml and 0.22ml per cavity respectively. The standard fluid contacting materials are polypropylene, HDPE and Nitrile. Alternative materials are possible to suit your liquids. The disposable pumps are available in high pressure and low pressure configurations along with an in-pump dilution option.

To evaluate the technology and choose the best configuration for your application, evaluation kits consisting of a motor, custom controller, easy to use software and step-by-step instructions are available.  See the downloads below for the full range of pump and evaluation kit specifications.

Series 19

The Series 19 pump has a flowrate of 0-23ml/s. It is a direct replacement for a gravity fed wine tap – its inlet is compatible with a 1″ gland on a BIB (bag in box). The 19mm rotor carries 2 cavities each with a resolution of 0.8ml. A range of pump configurations provide in-pump dilution, valves and mixers on the outlet.  Low pressure and high pressure pumps are also available. See the product range below for more details.

Series 20

The Series 20 pump has a flowrate of 0-26ml/s. The 20mm rotor carries 2 cavities each with a resolution of 1.2ml. A range of pump configurations provide in-pump dilution, valves and mixers on the outlet.  Low pressure and high pressure pumps are also available. See the product range below for more details.

How do the pumps work?

The single-use pump technology comprises of five components:

  1. The housing
  2. Rotor
  3. Spring barrel,
  4. Seal
  5. Seal cap

The rotor comprises of a number of cavities. These transport liquid around the pump from the inlet to the outlet. The spring barrel seals the housing membrane onto the rotor. The rotor is turned by a motor and, as it rotates, a vacuum is created at the inlet. Liquid is sucked into the cavities and transported around the pump where the liquid is wiped into the outlet by the spring loaded membrane.

A precise volume of liquid (the volume of the cavities) is dispensed during each revolution. The flowrate can be increased or decreased by adjusting the speed of the motor. The dose volume is proportional to the number of revolutions programmed into the motor.

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