Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

The first electromagnetic flow sensor, featuring a gamma stable and autoclave stable flow tube, created for the measurement of the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids.

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How it works

The FLEXMAG 4050C consists of 3 parts, the transmitter, the gamma stable and autoclave stable flow tube, and the monitor.

The transmitter is the source of the magnetic field and signal conversion. The transmitter can accommodate two different flow tubes sizes, which provides the flexibility of being able to handle two different flow ranges by simply exchanging the tube without having to re-calibrate.

The flow path is designed to have minimal hold-up volume – full bore with no obstruction. Pins on the transmitter contact the electrodes of the flow tube and transfer the signal of the fluid to the electronics, providing a volumetric flow rate. There are no electronic parts in the flow tube itself.

The Bigger Idea

The biocompatible, gamma stable, and autoclave stable disposable flow tube is produced in a sterile facility and features a single barb fitting that meets biopharmaceutical requirements for adaptation to single-use systems. The Krohne FLEXMAG 4050C is the latest edition to HPNE’s ever-growing product range.

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