Glucose & Lactate MeMo System

Our C-CITSens MeMo sensor allows for continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate within a defined cell culture media and allows for wireless Bluetooth communication of data.

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How it Works

Our C-CITSens MeMo glucose and lactate sensors are a unique product that delivers real time information on a culture’s growth behavior and metabolic state at any time of the process. CITSens MeMo allows for continuous in-situ monitoring of glucose and lactate within a defined cell culture media, as well as in complex matrices, e.g. blood. Data is generated at a 20 second frequency, and is continuously sent to the database via wireless Bluetooth communication. 

Our system comes with a handheld PC pre-installed with the CITSens Software, a receiver, four transmitters, and a battery charger. Process control based on the online measured kinetics of glucose consumption and lactate accumulation has become reality. Offered in a variety of formats including cap sensors, process probes, and flow-cell sensors for simple integration into your existing bioreactor set up.

Features & Benefits

  • Available for low (<3 g/l) and high (<8 g/l) glucose media
  • Available without or with feed pump for complete process control
  • Continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate
  • Optimized for the measurement of two parameters with one single sensor
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Easy and fast process development at lowest investment and running cost
  • No risk of contamination
  • In-time information and automation
  • No need for manual sampling
  • Allows for full control over a completely closed environment

Applications & Uses Include 

  • Bio-production using mammalian cells
  • Vaccine production
  • 2D tissue cultures
  • 3D tissue cultures
  • Organoids
  • Organ perfusion (full blood)
  • Cell & gene therapy
  • T-cell expansion
  • Glucose and lactate monitoring in:
    • T-flasks
    • Shake flasks
    • Perfusion bioreactors

The Bigger Idea

Our innovative C-CITSens MeMo system can help to streamline your bioprocessing, allowing for the continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate. Our glucose and lactate sensors are just one portion of our wide range of sensors that we offer for your process, from electromagnetic and non-invasive flow sensors, to pressure and conductivity sensors.

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