Cleanroom Bioprocess Container

Our AllpaQ Cleanroom Bioprocessing Rigid Containers can help optimize your bioprocessing storage for media and buffer for your cleanroom environment.

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How it Works

AllpaQ bioprocess totes are built to fit your bag and assembly, no matter the manufacturer. The cleanroom tote is built on a double pallet base for using pallet jacks and forklifts while protecting your outlet tube assembly. Add a dolly in plastic or stainless for wider handling options. The cleanroom tote is open on all 4 sides between the pallets for flexible tube routing options and easy cleaning.

Totes are stackable when full and collapse when empty to reduce wasted space. AllpaQ totes are Reusable, Repairable, and ultimately recyclable.

Available accessories include Stainless Dolly, Plastic Dolly, and AlltraQ.

Customization includes bespoke sizes, UV Printing, number plates, sight windows, clear panels, and tamper evident lids. Manage risk, and utilize the custom printing option to create a color coded totes and tubing management system.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of standard and bespoke sizes
  • Compatible with most bag manufacturers
  • Stackable and collapsible for easy storage
  • Removable panels for cleaning and repair
  • Bottom and top drain options available 
  • Fold down front hatch for easy bag loading
  • Ease of cleaning and validation
  • Customizable in both size and branding 
  • Lightweight when compared to stainless steel totes
  • HDPE/ABS, and polypropylene robust design and sturdy construction permits multiple uses

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Applications & Uses Include 

  • Process fluid storage and transport within your facility
  • Feeding and receiving buffer and media
  • Harvest and store from bioreactors and chromatography columns
  • Upstream and downstream storage and feeding applications.

The Bigger Idea

Our AllpaQ totes help streamline your bioprocess, for both upstream and downstream processing. This product line features both plastic and stainless steel models, with a wide variety of styles available for different applications. In addition, our bioprocessing containers are customizable, allowing you to add anything from a logo to a room label. From sizes as small as 50 liters to larger containers for needs over 2000 liters, our AllpaQ line was created to fit into any process and our bioprocess containers also come in custom sizes for specific applications that require it. 

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