Sterile Individually Packaged Components

Individually packaged components are double-bagged prior to sterilization, allowing for the removal of a single item from a package without exposing the integrity of the entire lot.

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Consistently waiting on peers to finish with the Autoclave?

Need one sterile part but don’t want to compromise the entire lot?

Is your Autoclave not large enough to meet your needs?

Don’t have an Autoclave?


Component sterilization, whether Autoclave, Gamma, or EtO (Ethylene Oxide) is a critical part of the bioprocess. While an Autoclave or other such device may be readily available, the advantage of having all pieces or components individually bagged and sterilized, creates greater efficiency and flexibility.

This is where we come in.


How It Works

Our Sterile Individually Packaged Components can come either Gamma, Autoclave, or EtO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilized and individually double bagged. This allows the user the ability to remove one product from the package without compromising the integrity of the entire lot.


  • Ability for any part or quantity of parts to be packaged
  • Ability to be completed for any part or product dependent on chemical compatibility for the proper sterilization method (Gamma, Autoclave, and EtO Sterilization)
  • Products can maintain ‘bio-burden free’ status even after initial packaging is opened due to bagging process


  • Flexibility to your process
  • Multiple parts can be packaged
  • Efficient process development
  • Innovative process development kits
  • Comprehensive compatibility guide
  • Increased productivity

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