EZ-Set Single-Use Pump Head Chambers

Our EZ-Set Pump Head Chambers allow for faster replacement of single-use pump chambers without special tools or torque wrenches.

  • Easy installation of pump head chambers
  • Proper tightening by hand
  • Available for retrofitting on existing standard Quattroflow pumps

Tighten Pump Head By Hand

With the Quattroflow EZ-Set pump heads, there are no special tools or torque wrenches needed, reducing the time that it takes to change the pump head.


Available For Many Quattroflow Pumps

The EZ-Set pump heads can be retrofitted onto an existing Quattroflow pump or added to a new pump, by adding “EZ” to the pump code. 


Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation of single-use pump chambers – saving the user time
  • Proper tightening by hand – no torque wrenches or Allen Bolts needed
  • Available for single-use pump chambers, QF150 and QF1200 models
  • Available for new pumps by adding “EZ” to the pump code
  • Available for retrofitting on existing standard Quattroflow single-use pumps by replacing pump chamber, pressure plate, and shaft bearing kit


  • Filtration technology: To recirculate feed/retentate (e.g. membrane cassettes, hollow fibre, spiral wound, ceramic elements)
  • Chromatography: Packing of chromatography columns
  • Feed pump for centrifuges or separators, filling machines, or filter cartridges or plate and frame depth filters
  • As well as many other applications


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