Process Flow Cell and Holder

The Process Flow Cell Holder allows you to integrate disposable flow cells simply into your processes. Both cuvette and standard flow cells are compatible. 

  • ½” Sanitary connections
  • Made of USP class VI polypropylene
  • SMA-905 connections are ideal for fiber optic cables

Simple Integration of Disposable Flow Cells

When using standard SMA-905 connectors, the inserted disposable flow cell in the Process Flow Cell Holder can be compatible with the PX2 family of Photometric Transmitters and numerous other spectrometers.

Customize to Your Path Length

The Process Flow Cell Holder can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your process requirements. Sizes include 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, and 10 mm.


The Process Flow Cell and Holder combines EZ-Cal technology and a snap-in flow cell to provide a single-use process flow cell solution. Using standard SMA-905 connections, the flow cell is compatible with a variety of spectrometers. Use both liquid standard and ND standard cuvettes for verification purposes thanks to the EZ-Cal technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple means to integrate disposable flow cells in your processes
  • Running spectrophotometric/photometric calibration/validation will not shut down your process, and no additional gasses or liquids will be introduced to the process stream
  • Compatible with both standards and cuvettes
  • Will add a fixed amount of absorbance to the instruments baseline
  • Disposable process flow cell uses silicone USP Class VI seals and are made of USP Class VI polypropylene
  • Reference materials can be solid or liquid NIST traceable standards
  • ½” sanitary connections (other materials and connection types available upon request)


The Process Flow Cell and Holder are ideal when used in combination with our Custom Sensors & Technology PX2 family of Photometric Transmitters for both downstream and lab and drug discovery applications.

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