ClearMixx Single-Use Mixing System

Quickly achieve completely homogeneous mixing with this single-use mixing system that scales from 10 to 500 L.

  • Thoughtful design eliminates mechanical shearing
  • Enables direct observation of the mixing process
  • Supports liquid-to-liquid and powder-to-liquid mixing

Increase efficiency

Unlike other methods, the innovative ClearMixx Single-Use Mixing System enables users to simultaneously mix and run a unit operation via recirculation.

Impeller free mixing

Because the system mixes without the use of shafts, seals, bearings or impellers, the fluid experiences no mechanical shear, preserving the integrity of fluid components.


Features & Benefits

Advantages of the ClearMixx System
  • Enables mixing with no mechanical shear due to the lack of a shaft, seals, impellers, or bearings
  • Ensures gentle and efficient mixing of even the most challenging buffers, media, or biopharmaceutical ingredients with the patented engineered dispersion plate and cuboidal single-use bag
  • Produces a completely homogeneous mixture
  • Delivers easy visual control of the mixing process with sight glasses on three sides
  • Enables processing flexibility through a broad working volume—from 20% below to 10% above the specified volume
  • Maximizes productivity with the ability to simultaneously mix and run a unit operation
Capabilities of the ClearMixx System
  • Supports liquid-to-liquid and powder-to-liquid mixing
  • Tapered support base allows complete draining of fluid
  • Capable of local or remote operation via the touchscreen PLC
  • Open architecture
  • Available in custom sizes from 10 L to 500 L


In combination with a feed pump, the ClearMixx system enables multiple applications, including:

  • Buffer prep
  • Reconstitution
  • Continuous suspension
  • Media in feed prep
  • Liquid/liquid mixing
  • Powder/liquid mixing

Technical Specs

Power Single Phase 100V-230V AC 50/60Hz 20AMP
User Interface Touchscreen PLC
Pump Head Quattroflow QF1200SU-EZ
Dispersion Plate Material Polypropylene
Dispersion Plate Sizes 2 mm, 3 mm
Maximum Flow Rate 28 L/min
Biocontainer Film ULDPE
Temperature 60°C
Shelf Life 3 Years
In Process Controls Leak Test (100%); Visual Inspection (100%):
Seal Strength - ASTM-F88 (per batch);
Cleanliness - USP<788> (monitoring);
Bioburden - ISO 11737 (monitoring)
Material 316 Stainless Steel

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