Conditioning Module

Measure the conditioned output of up to four sensors with our Custom Sensors & Technology Conditioning Module.

  • Phoenix style connectors provided
  • Anodized aluminum housing material
  • DIN rail mount

Improved Accuracy

The Conditioning Module provides a linear calibrated output to correct for non-linear response from the sensor to improve accuracy.


The Conditioning Module can be programmed for use with various transducers and load cells along with CST's Process Pressure Sensor.


Our Custom Sensors & Technology Conditioning Module is most efficiently used in combination with our Process Pressure Sensor, and can measure the conditioned output of one to four external sensors. The Conditioning Module has an LED indicator for function and fault, and has output communication of 4-20mA outputs and MODBUS. The housing material of the module is anodized aluminum. For mounting, the mounting style of the Conditioning Module is a DIN rail mount.

Features & Benefits

  • 4.25” x 2.75” x 1”
  • Up to four pressure sensor, transducer, or load cell inputs
  • Output communication of 4-20mA outputs and MODBUS
  • Phoenix style connector types provided
  • Anodized aluminum housing material
  • LED indicator for function
  • DIN rail mount


Ideally used in combination with our Custom Sensors and Technology Process Pressure Sensor, the conditioning module can be used in a variety of lab and drug discovery, upstream, and downstream applications.

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