Instrumentation and Sensors

BioProTT™ FlowMCP

BioProTT™ FlowMCP is the multichannel flow measurement platform for non-invasive flow measurement. Aimed to meet the increased demand for simultaneous […]

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In-Line UV & Turbidity

PendoTECH In-line Single-Use UV Absorbance and Turbidity

PendoTECH’s Single Use UV Flow Cell enables measurements to be made non-invasively in bioprocess operations. The flow cell is available in single-use and stainless steel designs. A range of in-line turbidity measurement products are available to meet your needs from the lab to process scale.

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PendoTECH PressureMAT Sensor Monitors

Designed to integrate with PendoTECH’s Single Use Pressure Sensors the PressureMAT monitor includes an alarm, transmitter and monitor in one unit. The PLUS model can acquire data from other sensors. The PC Data Acquisition package makes it a powerful development tool.

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Krohne FLEXMAG 4050 C

The FLEXMAG 4050 C is the latest edition to HPNE’s ever-growing product range. It is an electromagnetic flowmeter created for the measurement of the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids. The FLEXMAG 4050 C is the first electromagnetic flowmeter that features a disposable flow tube.

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Equflow Controllers

Controllers: Flow, Totalizing, Monitoring, & Controlling. Flow Controllers: able to monitor 2 sensors simultanesouly Pump Controllers: controlling Masterflex, Thermo, & […]

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Em-tec Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Em-tec provides accurate, intuitive and non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters for use in bio pharmaceutical processing. The BioProTT transducers, with transit-time […]

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