Lidija Urbas, PhD from Bia Separations on Chromatography Columns

            We welcomed Lidija Urbas, PhD from Bia Separations to give a 2-hr presentation, Purification of Large Biomolecules Using Monolithic Chromatography Columns, on the application and advantages of CIMmultus single/multi-use monolithic columns.

            Dr. Lidija Urbas studied chemistry at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry Technology where she graduated in 2005. She then joined the company BIA Separations, where she was working as a research scientist for 6 years. In addition, her main task, and a part of her PhD study, was the development of: downstream processes for the punification of viruses and virus like particles, analytical monolithic columns and methods for Process Analytical Technology (PAT). After her PhD, she became a Project Manager where she lead projects dealing with purification and analytics of biomolecules. Then, in 2013 she became Head of Marketing.

HPNE Bia Presentation 1 – Monolithic Chromatography

HPNE Bia Presentation 2 – Analytical Chromatography