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Process Flow Cell and Holder

The Process Flow Cell Holder allows you to integrate disposable flow cells simply into your processes. Both cuvette and standard flow cells are compatible.

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Process Pressure Sensor

The Process Pressure Sensor is intended for measuring dynamic and static pressures of liquids and gases in process applications.

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Conditioning Module

Our Custom Sensors & Technology Conditioning Module can measure the conditioned output of one to four external sensors, transducers, or load cell inputs.

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PX2 Photometric Transmitter

Optimize the continuous process monitoring of dual and single wavelengths with our Customer Sensors & Technology PX2 Photometric Transmitter.

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PX2+ Photometric Transmitter

With the ability to detect both dual and single-wavelengths, the PX2+ Photometric Transmitter is ideal for a variety of applications including fill and finish and chromatography.

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PX2 Condensed Packaging

Detect dual and single wavelengths and utilize the technology of the other products in the PX2 line while taking up almost half the space with the PX2 Photometric Transmitter.


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