Take Ten with Team HPNE: Meet Denise Ritchie

Learn more about how Denise's past experience has led her to her role as the Business Development Manager for our single-use assembly service, FlexConnexx™.

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Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? What has your career looked like so far?

Sure, I have been in the biopharma industry for a little over 20 years. My first role was in manufacturing operations, but I later expanded into MSAT investigations, plant quality and commercial. My foundation in manufacturing and MSAT allows me to effectively use my background to support our single-use customers in the industry and highlight the difference FlexConnexx™ can make.

What made you want to come to High Purity New England?

I came to HPNE to bring the FlexConnexx™ vision to life. When I heard about the opportunity to help restore confidence in the single-use supply chain, I really wanted to be a part of that unique journey. I wanted to contribute to this new, exciting concept in our industry and collaborate with customers on a new level. 

I’m constantly encouraged by the vision that Mark Sitcoske, our CEO and founder, has to grow our business. He’s truly passionate about making HPNE into the best version of itself. Customer needs are at the heart of everything we do. Mark's willingness to invest, innovate and support everything that customers need is something I admire and appreciate.

Tell me about your role and the FlexConnexx vision.

I am the Business Development Manager for the FlexConnexx™ program at HPNE. In this role, I’m responsible for bringing the FlexConnexx™ vision to life.

FlexConnexx™ is an innovative approach to single-use assembly production. When a customer chooses FlexConnexx™, they ensure their own dedicated cleanroom space and team of  managers overseeing production, quality, client services, operations, and materials.. As the Business Development Manager, I work with the FlexConnexx™ team and our customers to ensure their needs are met.

Above all, I’m excited to have the opportunity to build something from the ground up. I get to leverage the platform of HPConnexx®—which has been very successful—and expand on that. We are providing a new level of confidence, service and support to our customers through FlexConnexx™, unlike anything they have seen in their single-use supply chain.

Who is your source of inspiration, personally and/or professionally?

Throughout my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work under a series of outstanding leaders who demonstrated authenticity and determination. Looking back at my career now, I also had mentors along the way who were not only talented and kind, but also shaped my development in so many ways. I’m very grateful for their support over the years.

Personally, I’m motivated to be a strong role model for my daughters. They are my biggest source of pride and I want to demonstrate that anything is possible, both personally and professionally.

To learn more about Denise and her role in FlexConnexx™, drop her a line at denise.ritchie@hp-ne.com.

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